Welcome to SumSites. I'm Margie Summers, owner.

SumSites designs and develops custom web sites of all sizes, from one-page "brochure" sites to e-commerce sites comprising hundreds of pages, and everything in between. You may be glad to know that we can offer a web site solution for any budget. You may also be happy to hear that we build every site to be "responsive," which means it will look pretty and behave nicely whether you happen to use it on your desktop, your tablet, or your phone — and no matter who manufactured that device.

Styles change as rapidly in web design and development as they do in fashion. For example, since our founding in 2001, we've watched motion effects evolve from animated .gifs to Applets to Flash to CSS animation. We've seen graphics and color trends go from dimensional and complex to flat and minimal. Page styling has gone from primitive and basic to precise and detailed.

And here's the biggest evolution: back in the day, web sites had to accomodate maybe two browsers and a couple of different screen resolutions. Today sites must display gracefully on any device from a mega-monitor to a smartphone — whether Apple or Samsung or anyone else made the device, whether the device runs on iOS or Android or Windows — and whether it's viewed in any version of each of the many browsers in use today.

SumSites continues to evolve along with the web, making sure your site reflects the state of the art in both technology and design.

We offer a free, in-depth consultation so you can decide if we're the right company for you. If you happen to be in the greater St. Louis area, we can get together in person. If not, we can talk by phone. Either way, we'll answer all your questions and present you with suggestions on how to proceed with your web site project. Finally, if you decide to engage our services, we'll prepare a detailed proposal so you'll know exactly what to expect before you make a commitment.

If you'd like to begin a conversation about your new site, give us a call (636.925.2564) or drop us a line (msummers@sumsites.com).