SumSites has the privilege of working with clients in a wide variety of industries. Here's a random sampling of the many kinds of sites we've created since our founding in 2001. Some of these are still online and some are not. The newer ones are responsive; i.e., mobile-friendly. The older ones show a progression though the various types of technologies available when they were built.

As you can see, styles in web design evolve, keeping pace with advancing technology. SumSites has evolved, too, every step of the way. Any site we design and build is current and responsive — just like your business — and as unique as your thumbprint.
Responsive brochure site with a single-product PayPal shopping cart. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, copy-writing.
Responsive brochure site for a St. Louis-area video production company. HTML5, CSS3.
Responsive site for a widely published author. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, original graphics.
Responsive site for a St. Charles, Missouri political candidate. HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery; copy-writing.

The Tuxedo Room

Site for an upscale St. Louis restaurant. Flash, CSS, HTML, original graphics, copy-writing.

Shredman Shredding Equipment

Site for a supplier of shredding equipment and supplies. HTML, Flash, original graphics, CSS, copy-writing.

Z-Up Productions

Site for a motion-capture studio. HTML, Javascript, Flash, original graphics, copy-writing.

Oxygen Wireless

Site for a wireless internet provider. HTML; copy-writing.

Hovis Racing Engines

Site for a custom racing engine builder. HTML, CSS, Javascript, original graphics, copy-writing.

Patient Advocacy

Site for an organization that advocates for patients in negotiating medical bills. HTML, CSS, and Flash.

Rhonda Hunter, Attorney

Site for a Dallas-based family law attorney. Flash, CSS, HTML, original graphics, copy-writing.

Helen Gelhot, M.D.

Site for a St. Louis internal medicine specialist. Flash, CSS, HTML, original graphics, copy-writing.

Great Harvest Bread Company

Site for a local store in a franchise specializing in whole-grain breads and other baked goods. HTML, CSS, Flash, copy-writing.

Color! LLC

Site for an interior designer/home staging specialist. Flash, CSS, HTML, copy-writing.

St. Louis Data Destruction

Site for a document-shredding company. HTML, CSS, Javascript, copy-writing, photography, original graphics.

Eric Marsh, Author

Site for a New Hampshire-based novelist. HTML, original graphics, CSS, copy-writing.